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Frequently Asked Questions 


When are you open?


We will be open for our 24th Pumpkin Season on Saturday, September 17, 2022 at 10 am! Our hours are 2 pm to 6 pm on weekdays, 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays, and we are closed on Sundays. We reserve our weekday mornings for scheduled groups and are not open to the public during that time.

Is there a charge to visit Two Sisters Pumpkin Patch?


There is no admission charge to visit our "pumpkin barn", or the animal barn. We sell individual tickets for our corn maze, tractor hay rides, barrel train rides, pumpkin painting, mini cow playtime, and other special events.

What activities do you have?


We offer an animal barn, "gift barn", and lots and lots of pretty scenery with every kind of seasonal produce imaginable, for no charge. We offer the following activities for a fee - trip through the corn maze ($4), pumpkin slingshot cannon ($5 - includes several pumpkins to aim & shoot over our hill), pumpkin painting ($8 - includes a pumpkin), barrel train rides ($5), hayrides to pick a pumpkin out of the patch ($12 - any pumpkin in our field, no matter the size, shape, or color plus a scenic ride through the farm), and our newest option - hands on playtime with our baby mini cows, with opportunities for photo sessions & private group event appearances! Ages 24 months and down are free for hayrides if they don't pick a pumpkin in the patch. In addition, we offer a wide variety of concessions on Saturdays, including homemade baked goods.

Do you have anything new for 2022?

Yes! We have been hard at work around the farm during our off season! We are most excited to share our new family members, our miniature cows - Margo, Hopie, and Jubilee. Hopie is 4 months old while Jubilee is just 8 weeks old, and they both LOVE humans and will be available on a limited basis for photo sessions, group trips, and one on one visits in their corral. Margo is full of sass and character, closely resembles Grumpy Cat, and loves to chat with humans in her own cow language. (You'll understand when you hear it!) In addition, we have a newly designed pumpkin slingshot/cannon option for people curious to see just how far a pumpkin can travel. Our barrel train rides have a new route around the barnyard, and of course our corn maze has a brand new design. You might notice that some of our prices have changed. Just like the rest of the world, we have had to make accommodations for rising fuel prices and overall cost of living. We have made lots of adjustments to keep prices as low as possible! 

How much are your pumpkins?


We have so many different varieties, this is hard to answer! The short answer is that we offer pumpkins, gourds, squash, and many other fun items at every price point imaginable. 

What steps are you taking to keep customers & employees safe from COVID-19?

As with most businesses, we have had to make some changes in an effort to keep our customers and employees safe from the virus. We continuously monitor both CDC recommendations and our local health department guidelines. In order to properly sanitize our property, we have changed our business hours to 2 pm to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. As always, we are closed on Sundays. We reserve our weekday mornings for scheduled school trips and are not open to the public during that time. Our pumpkins, hay rolls, wagons, and other heavily used surfaces are sanitized hourly. Because we have to monitor the number of people inside the corn maze, we now sell single entry corn maze tickets.  Our pumpkin painting station will look a little different, too - we have changed the layout to allow for proper social distancing. We hope you will be patient with us as we do our best to keep everyone safe during a unique time!

Are you open to the general public, or do you have to schedule a group outing?


You are welcome to visit us either way; however, larger groups or people who want to rent one of our event spaces can call Andrea at 859-585-8000 to schedule a group outing. Scheduled group activities generally include a hay ride to the pumpkin patch, where members of the group can pick a pumpkin, utilize our picnic barn, and visit the corn maze and animal barn but can be altered to suit your exact needs. For more information on scheduling a field trip with your class, click here. For more information on scheduling any other type of group outing or event, click here. For more information, contact Andrea at (859) 585-8000. We require payment to hold your date.

Can we come to the farm on a Sunday, even if it's just to take pictures and walk around?


We are closed on Sundays to all visitors. 

Can we get married on your property?


We do not book weddings, but thank you for thinking of us while you're planning your special day!

Can I bring my group there?


We love groups! Contact Andrea if you're interested in scheduling a birthday party, school group, scout group, etc. Visit the Groups page to find out more about what we have to offer.

I keep seeing posts about "CFM" or "Covenant Friendship Ministries". What is that about?


Covenant Friendship Ministries, CFM for short, is a nonprofit that was co-founded by Two Sisters Pumpkin Patch owner Andrea Smith along with Charlotte Roper. It's purpose is to be a voice for victims of  sex-trafficking and for all young people who are from troubled backgrounds. CFM is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded and based on biblical principles and solutions.

Can I use one of your photographs from your webpage, Facebook, or Instagram?


We just ask that you contact us for permission. All images are copyrighted and not available to use without our express written consent.

Can you donate pumpkins/produce/decorations to my organization or school?


Each year, we start a list of everyone in need of a donation. Towards the end of the season, we begin donating. The list is first come, first serve, but we do donate until we run out of items! Contact us via the Contact form on this site, or call/text Andrea at (859) 585-8000. 

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